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There are several types of contracts: by an artist, by the record producer or an agent out to make their way into a career. This includes the booking of contracts, agreements for the management, the processing and registration of contracts.

A contract is a legally binding document in which the two parties discuss their goals, including the rules for both parties (the artist and producer), organization for the host or between members of the band.

A clause example:


You have the right to your services for a commission of 15%-20% of the (gross or net preference) received income in relation to the activities of the subject matter during the Contract and Commission period. With the exception that after the termination of the contract, the commission will be reduced to 10% of (gross/net) income and is subject to the restrictions on the source of the revenue of the above-mentioned.

This example shows how the operator of a commission gets paid. In this case, the agent receives a share of the revenues of the artist in return for the provision of services for the administration of the music contract but with a possibility of termination, as agreed upon in the deal.

All the documents you sign are legally binding; the terms and conditions should be carefully examined and reviewed before you sign. Various professional organizations like the Association of Musicians provide free legal and justice services for their members. Always ask for professional advice from someone who specializes in legal music industry as a lawyer.

Young adults and children under 18 years of age must be with their parents for their music contract signing or else it should not be signed without their permission.

Avoid long-term music contracts to ensure that there are always opportunities on both sides for the withdrawal and the renewal of contracts and ensure that the artist would not be pressured into signing any contract.

The music contract can be a simple document of one page to several pages in length. It can be simple or very complex and if you do not understand or are unhappy with a clause then do not sign until it has been changed and explained to your complete satisfaction.

Please note: - The treaties, agreements and the template letters are just examples. If you are prompted to copy, download and print, these examples are for information and entertainment only. We are not lawyers thus we recommend that the music contracts be reviewed by a lawyer in your home country. A large collection of music contracts from companies can be bought in for assessment. Even if it is in the United States, it should focus on the need to adapt to the requirements of other countries.

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